November 07, 2007

Camp Cassoulet- post script point

Time to plant a few seeds for next year.
I stopped at the grainèterie yesterday on the way home from Bacon's birthday checkup- 46 kilos and still growing.
I bought 200 grams of petit pois and fava beans to plant in the potager now;
3 dozen crocus bulbs for the 'champs elysees' between the Relais and the Barge;
a few dozen Japanese iris to fill in the T-Jardin.

Then I spotted this one, singular goofy colored package guessed it-
Haricots Tarbais.
These are the real deal straight from the Label Rouge approved Bean Co-op in Tarbes;
The variety Alaric and includes a few recipes inside as well. But not one for cassoulet.
They'll be saved until the early summer; I plant them in June, to be ready in October.
Just right for the 2008 Camp Cassoulet.

Now I am planning like crazy, a few more weekend cooking workshops- single subjects, finely focused, on site and lots of fun. Foie gras, confit, truffles, tourtiere pastries (heads up David and Lucy!), and the even more important whole hog, nose-to-tail charcuterie weekend. Check the calender for dates. All other ideas welcome.

And for the in between quiet times when Bacon and I just need a focus... this will do.

After all, what's the point, if not infinity?


  1. Incredible image of the canal, Kate. I live vicariously through your garden.

    xo. Lucy

  2. Another camp cassoulet? Where do I sign up!

  3. where in the United States can I purchase the cassoulet pots. They are so cute.?