July 22, 2005

Slow Food.Slow Dance.Slow France

Summer: This is a slow world where grapes ripen day by day in tidy vineyards, armagnac ages for decades in quiet chais and good food grows deliciously slow in market gardens under this slow French blue skies. Now imagine yourself in this edible landscape where cooks and country artisans continue delicious traditions that celebrate a joie de vivre of living... in Southwest France. Step out of your fast lane and into my slow world. Take the time to discover these old ways of growing and cooking with good friends. Return to the source of gastronomy and revelry, the French roots of the intoxicating countryside of Gascony. Here at my French Kitchen at Camont, I am conjuring up culinary memories of long tables and staightforward food cooked simply, carefully, deliciously. Like all good things, we, too, need the time to understand, prepare and above all--enjoy this slow, slow summer.


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