July 27, 2007

Roadtripp 2007 Week #1- Super Tuscan Summer

Italy. Summer. Tuscany. Friends.

It was an inspired idea. A tag team at the ovens. Something hot NOT in the kitchens.

Judy Witts (THE Diva of Divina Cucina) at the full moon paddle.
La Capitaina Kate Hill at the wheel of the land boat.
and a revolving cast of cooking characters: Donna, Margaux, Elaine and Jane
at the Super Tuscan hideaway hamlet of the famous butcher family of Panzano.
Lamole di Lamole.

Crank up the oven.
Keep it hot for seven days.
Bake, cook, stew and grill in the duomo of a wood fire oven.
We came, we cooked, we conquered.
The village heard of the Due Regazze Americane at the ovens.
Paddles arrived; wood was delivered.
We drove the oven like madwomen.

We cooked:
A handspan bistecchia Pananzzi from Dario's Butcher's fiefdom.
A handsome Pork arista wrapped in rosemary and lard. (see photos here!)
Made to measure three different flour Pizzettas .
Apple dolce with balsamic vinegar.
A very French Cassoulet made with tarbais beans and Dario's exceptional fatty sausages.

My favorite Super Tuscan Souvenirs:

  • Cappuccino cocktails Panzano's bar.

  • The dirt track commute from Lamole to Panzano.

  • Evening cocktails here.

  • Porchetta-to-go sandwiches with too much salt.

  • Holy card saints and halo pizza paddles.

  • The devil with an angel's grin, butcher apron and cleaver in hand!

  • Building wood sculptures to burn in the bread oven.

  • Jasmin wafting from every nook & cranny in Tuscany.

  • Cashmere milk soap washing the salt away.

  • Summer linen dresses in the Greve market.

  • Dinner at the VIPpa table at SoloCiccia watching Dario's sturdy all-women crew in the kitchen.

That's enough. The Adriatico beckons. Judy sends Elaine and me on our way to Senagallia. More salty adventures await, of the seaside kind. Grazie tante Judy. You are the Queen of The Divine Kitchen of Tuscany. Next time, it's at my place... the feast of the Saints Catherines. The wood is stacked and drying for grilling those magret de canard and foie gras sandwiches..

July 08, 2007

Summer Road Trip

On the Road 2007:
More to come...