September 20, 2005

Retour de la Marche'

This Saturday table is typical- too much food bought by hungry eyes at the weekly market at Nerac. Tricia Robinson (Taste of Provence) trains over from Nice for a Gascon weekend and we celebrate the first fall oysters, cheese from Salers, a jambon glacee, pate de canard, ripe figs, a decent loaf of bread. What a good life! Saturday chores were never like this.


suzy pingree said...

Oh, Kate, your blog is wonderful! It brings back all those fabulous memories of the 6 weeks we lived in your little stone farmhouse in 2000. We'll never forget that!

Come stay at our new house on San Juan Island, north of Seattle. It's right on the sea coast where the killer whales swim and eat, and we have oysters, wild salmon and dungeness crab. We'd love to see you and share our Northwest food.

Kate Hill said...

Dear Suzy,
I'll be coming to Seattle next March for the IACP conference and will defintely make plans for a visit! I sued to live on Lopez myself and look forward to a return to that corner of the US.In the meantime, I am off to a Gascon wedding and will have much to tell about that!

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

I think i'm drooling... Everything looks so wonderful! What was in that bottle with the red sauce? Looks like hotsauce sort of, heh heh. Great posts! Thank you for sharing!

Kate Hill said...

Sara, Texas Pete's red hot sauce- an old Gascon remedy for too much foie gras!