January 10, 2006

that reminds me of the three-legged pig...

If you are struggling with what do do to celebrate the feast day of San Antonio Abate on Jan 17th, then join Diva Judy and I for our first ever blogging event- the Some Pig Weekend Blogging Feast held this Sat & Sun on www.goingwholehog.blogspot.com ! We'll do a virtual Blessing of the Pig on the 17th on this site.

You can cook, can, grind, roast, grill, preserve, stuff in jars, guts, bags, and sacks or just remember the best damn bits of pig you can find. Judy in Tuscany, Me in Gascony and the rest of you--all according to Fergus Henderson in his 'Nose to Tail' book "making the most of the whole beast." If anyone needs help, just ask for it- there are lot's of bacon-loving pork-rearing experts listening in!

And if you need another good reason to savor this whole hog one piece at a time, just Google three-legged pig.


Ivonne said...


I so wish I could be there with you!

I shall comfort myself when my family makes our own sausages ... in the meantime I shall stay tuned to your blog for all the glorious details!

Brett said...

Sounds like fun, Kate! I love your and Diva's new blog. I've already added it to my links list. I'll try to participate in the pig blogging event. I'm always looking for an excuse to reread Fergus' book for inspiration.

Kate Hill said...

Thanks for joining in Brett and Ivonne- there was a moment when I thought judy and I would be making bacon and peanut butter sandwiches and calling it a day! Now the fun begins and I am planning my Sunday Sausages, stocking up the firewood for the cheminee and inviting friends around to help!
see you then!