February 16, 2006

M is for Morue- salt cod to you.

Looking for Salt Cod in Spain,
lost in a tinker's party at
the Kathedral of San Sebastian,
Basque Street Madness.

Pintxos came and went,
Txakoli & sidra in fat glasses emptied

over & over
to the tink, tink, tink
of a thousand small hammers
on a thousand tin pots.

In France, morue/salt cod
is sober-
parsleyed and garlicked.
Simple Lenten Food.

in the Pays Basques,
peppers &
color the salted crystal kokotxas as festive
as a thousand tinkers in a pre-carnival fete.

"M" is for Merci for my Basque neighbors in The Long Village and you.

photos: MOHowerton


David said...

I guess I'm French...I like the simple version; salt cod, a touch of cream, and tater puree.

And, of course, a soup├žon d'ail!

farmgirl said...

Wonderful! Thank you!

Becca said...

marvelous posts ... this one and the last! It's such fun to follow you by blog around the world. I can only imagine having such culinary giants as my friends and dinner partners. Your conversations must be enormously entertaining. I have really loved your book, by the way ...