June 30, 2009

You are invited to a French Pig Roast Picnic- 4th of July.

French Summer.
Sunny and hot.
Haricots verts and Swiss chard from the potager for dinner greens.
A dozen hens laying deep yellow-yolked eggs for deviled eggs.
The first red tomatoes on the vine.
Sounds like a picnic to me.

A French Pig from the Chapolard's, a cochon to spit roast over an open fire:
  • crispy cracklins and succulent ham meat,
  • falling off the shoulder bone for pull apart figgy bbq sandwiches.
  • mouth smacking ribs dipped in sweet fiery fish sauce
Bring the side dishes- American inspired, French execution:
  • Walnut and white wine potato salad
  • Summer cabbage coleslaw with red wine vinegar
  • white peach shortcake with creme fraiche
Y'all come over for an afternoon of good eats and cold rose wine, iced beer, Chinese lanterns and loud music. rsvp.

photo by carnivore TC at www.TimClinchphotography.net.


Diane said...

Wish I could!.Sounds divine xxx

L Vanel said...

Oooh wish I could come - we're going to be traveling!

jsl said...

Wish we could be there - it sounds wonderful! Jeanette & Ted

Tom, Orange, CT USA said...

You write like I dream! -- I stole that line from Gore Vidal. But it's essentially true. Someday my wife and I will make it to the South of France to cook, to share, to dine with you.