August 04, 2009

moving house...

...from Blogger to a new all-in-one site at

Like the gitane that I am, I am now writing from my mobile summer office (see above) within earshot of Henri IV (that's the big black Gascon rooster) in the potager. For all my blog friends and French Kitchen alumni, please keep an eye on this new site for changes and additions as we set up the new Kitchen-at-Camont programs for l'Autome '09 and l'Hiver '10: Pigs-in-the-Kitchen and Ducks-under-Glass.

(merci tout le monde a Blogspot !)

Kate Hill & French friends


Caterina B said...

I love that photo! It makes me want to live a gypsy life. Live in perpetual summer and go back in time. I think one CAN do that in France.

Passport Foodie said...

I have been thinking about buying an RV, starting an internet business and being a free spirit for the rest of my life.

This photo makes me want to do it even more now. :)

Passport Foodie