March 08, 2007

Market=Table cooking classes: radish leaf soup to sabayon

What we bought:

Radishes and their tops
Tenderloin of pork
2 Apples
Little pears
a slice of creamy Vacherin- the last of the season.
from the French Kitchen Pantry-
Egg yolks
More eggs
White sugar
Sweet wine
Cream fraiche
Soft red wine from Elian Da Ros- cote de marmandais
Sweet Gascon white wine from Guy Arrouy 'gros manseng'

This is what we cooked:

Soupe Verte
A green spring version of a radish leaf and potato soup.

Pork tenderloin en croute (a fresh herb crust)
with a sauce vernal using aillets and poireaux de vigne
Galette de Pomme Squared
a potato & apple pancake cooked like a Spanish tortilla

Sabayon classique aux Poires et Noisettes-

the most delicious thing you can do with a dozen eggs !

In exactly the time it took to eat the soup, marvel at it's green-ness and sip some wine, the pork tenderloin was out of the oven, it's crispy herbed crust served with a gentle garlic sauce. The pears lay on a bed of Sabayon, their ginger and tea poaching syrup making an dark puddle around the golden custard. Then the Bad Boy puppies had a walk, exhausted themselves and fell asleep in our arms. Next Wednesday I'm in San Sebastian at the Dialogos de Cocino. We'll make Bacalao pil-pil when I return with salt cod in tow.


david L said...

Great shopping can buy just egg yolks in Gascony? No wonder you live there!
; )

Ed Bruske said...

How wonderfully simple and seasonal. Can I move there?

Kate Hill said...

Hey Ed,

Thanks! I loved reading your pig killing posts and noting the differences
that each farmer brings to the process. I'm just posting a series of
pictures on our
blog- the one Judy Witts and I
started to prepare for a seminar we gave at an IACP conference in 2006
featuring Fergus Henderson of 'nose-to-tail' fame.

I never thought of the black pigmented pigs skins not being used for
cracklin's, couenne, etc, before you mentioned it. Guess we continue to
gravitate to 'the other white meat' and skin! Anyway, in advance of next
year, if any of you want to come here for a French version, let me know and
I can set something up. This is where I live and work-
Maybe we can do a round
robin of hog slaughtering on the blogs.

I'll keep an eye on you and please continuing what you're doing. Today is
the first day I can really get outside and start prepping the soggy clay
garden for the potager. The Sun is shining and I am ready for it.
Oh, and yes, you can always come live here too!

warm regards from Gascony,

Kate Hill said...
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Ed Bruske said...

Just got around to reading this, Kate, and I am definitely up for a sausage smackdown. It probably won't be till next January that we see another "matanza," but keep me posted on developments on your end. Now I have to get your book...