November 02, 2007

It's the bean! Camp Cassoulet begins.

Claude always said..."Si il y a brouillard en Novembre, il y a Noel en Decembre."

What started as a simple post on making Cassoulet has developed into a full fledged 'appening- Camp Cassoulet- here at the relais de Camont.

City mice from Paris, Lyon, and nice Nice arrive converging on the quiet Gascon countryside and we are going to kick some Cassoulet Pots around. Local friends join us on Saturday for a market shopping expedition and then the day spent in the French Kitchen. And just like Tom Sawyer, as soon as they are not looking, I am going to trick them into helping me put the potager to bed! Weeding, mulching, and planting some garlic and shallots for next year. The price of admission.

Anyone wishing to cook along and post your own Bean and Pot recipe, story, photograph, whatever, just send the link to me in the comments, or send me an email and I'll do a Camp Cassoulet round up next week. No bean jokes, please!

Oh, it comes and goes these chilling sunny mornings as the canal and the river run warm into the cold morning sky. Sure enough these first foggy Novembre mornings insure that Papa Noel
will arrive as scheduled. And the forecast for Camp Cassoulet is sunny days after morning fog.


Betty C. said...

Sun and cold: we get a lot of that in Aveyron -- and it's one of my favorite weather combinations!

Joanna said...

Have a lovely weekend, productive, fun - and take lots of photographs for those of us that can't be there but wish we were!