November 22, 2007

Thanks & Giving

Thanksgiving and family go together like...turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes and bourbon, pumpkins and pies. Every year I try to arrange my states' side visit to hit this holiday above all others. No such luck this year; new dog, works in progress and a fall visit from family who came here.

Instead I'll gather with a group of expats and locals at someone's house tonight and we'll bemoan the lack of a whole turkey, and all the trimmings. There'll be no 'game' on the TV and no common traditions to share. But there will be Thanks and there will be Friendship and there will be my family held close in my thoughts as I wonder how large a turkey my brother managed to buy this year.

Oh,... and thanks to all you Turkey-eating blog readers for wondering enough about what living in France for 20 years does to you and reading my French Kitchen Adventures. Families are measured in many different ways.


Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kate! I hope you have a wonderful one, even despite the lack of turkey. As long as there are familiar faces and lots of good food, though, that's all that matters, isn't it?

Diva said...

I am so over thanksgiving as an excuse!!!
every day is great for getting together to break bread!

Sometimes people need a reason to give thanks or to share

I am thankful you are my friend..

june2 said...

Yes, happy ThanksGiving...and thank you for sharing your wonderfully adventurous life on this blog!

winedeb said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Kate!

Betty C. said...

Happy late Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice one. I actually celebrated it a little this year with a dinner party, but on Saturday evening.

I haven't forgotten your meme, BTW! I just need to work it into my blogging schedule...