May 04, 2008

Spring makes me see RED!!!

Home sweet Home to a French Spring that is as RED as it is green.

From the Lot-et-Garonne market gardens to our near daily markets, French artisan food producers keep us in the pink and healthy with several varietals of sweet, perfumed fraises.

Charlotte, gariguette, mara des bois, ciflorette... all in the height of the season. Last week's summer warm weather (75-80') made for some super sweet juice available from one enterprising producer.

After filling a basket full to make a strawberry shortcake, French style... I saw nothing but red,


and more RED!

Welcome home!


Kitt said...

You're seeing red and I'm feeling green!

Loulou said...

Welcome home! What a great homecoming it looks like you've had.

Can't wait to hear about your time in New Orleans.

Joanna said...

Hi Kate - LOVED this post, longing to see a little red in our more northerly markets ;)

I've tagged you for a meme (sorry!) because I would really like to know what cookery books you value


Kaari Marie said...

New to your beautiful blog - I would love to come to one of your cooking classes! We will be in France this summer writing a book about rural entertaining.
Thanks for the beauty!!


Betty C. said...

Welcome back to your blog -- I love this post with its color theme!

Looking forward to reading -- and seeing -- more.

campo di fragole said...

Love all the pics from the market!! Strawberry juice must be delicious!