May 29, 2008

Spanish Roadkill- a baker's dozen

When my French Kitchen gets side tracked, as it often does, it’s usually because I live too close to Spain—close to the Atlantic, close to the Mediterranean and close to… a completely different palate. From the latest Spanish Road Trip with Signor Clinch, a dozen pictures of markets and bars in Gallicia.

Gallicia of pulpo, Ribeiro, chorizo, morcillo, and corporal and spiritual pilgrims.

Bar kitchen 0'46

chorizo cooked in wine

little bowls of wine

granite market

pilgrim's dilemma

Gallego Greens

Special spunds ...and they are.

For Judy- salted pork fat- rancio

Market go cart

so Fsh this fsh

for Steve Sando at rancho gordo

Souvenirs to take home to Camont's potager- piment de Padron

the end@
Santiago de Compostello


Joanna said...

Lovely post - I've never been to Spain, but it's now on my wish list :)


"Diva" said...

Now I am starving.
Need chorizo with papas bravas and perhaps some of those strawberries o goat cheese with black pepper!

and a little rose'

Welcome home!

Barbara said...

I love the pilgrim photo. I remember doing the same when we walked the camino. From the photo I assume they are looking at the tetilla cheese. I've told many people about that particular cheese.

katiez said...

We were there 2 years ago in May... Gorgeous area. I really enjoyed Gallicia, the coast, the food...
Didn't get to see much of the church as it was a Sunday and packed for Mass (We were on a road trip from Portugal back to France).
Now I'm farsick for Spain....

Betty C. said...

That granite market is beautiful! I've never seen anything like it -- but I haven't been to Spain that much either!

Stephanie said...

Great Blog as usual, Tita-dear!!! Am very jealous after seeing those great pix of Spain!!! Now I REALLY want to go down there the next time I visit Camont...How about next Spring?
So tickled to see Matt's first Blog entry!!! Very descriptive and fun to read... keep posting the pictures!! Congrats on learning French the fun way... from Great fun French people like the Chapolards... and the Market goers!! I also just LOVE the Tiki-Hut--- your Canal side Internet Cafe... I have to say that Starbuck's has nothing on you, eh?
Keep up the good work Matt, and chat with you soon Sister dear!