July 27, 2009

First Honey Love

A pale blue beehive sits under the a William pear tree, a memorial to the May evening when a wild swarm arrived and asked to stay here at Camont, then surrounded by dozens of acacia trees in snowy bloom.
"Bien sur!" I responded (that means "right on!" in French) and so Marc and I moved the virgin hive under the swarm on the branch, a small pear dangling like an earring. After a glass of rosé wine and watching a few Google-driven You Tubes, especially by my newbee hero, Kirkobeeo, at Backwards Beekeeping, I clipped the branch, grabbed a stick and scraped the swarm into the waiting hive. I left the hive sitting under the pear tree in the orchard amongst the chickens and ducks.

Last week I found a smoker, un enfumoir, at my favorite brocante. Today I got up the courage to lift the lid on the hive and take a long careful smoky peek. Eureka!!!

Pure sweet gold.
Je vous aimez, mes amis les abeilles!

After a first finger licking taste, I was hooked. Captain Nick and I feasted on honey and bread for breakfast and the sweet knowledge that my bee longing had come to fruition. Sometimes, learning in the Kitchen at Camont takes place outside the building. Think outside that stone wall box and harvest your own food!

The next 'Charcuterie & Confit' sessions in the Kitchen at Camont begin in Mid-October. Write for further information.


Caterina B said...

Wow, Kate! It seems everywhere I read these days people are starting to keep bees!! I haven't done it yet but my husband and I are preparing ourselves. I read several blogs where the folks are trying very hard to raise most of their own food and keep bees also. The time has come for anybody who can to do so! We have started out "small" with chickens and a garden. Anyway, maybe we all can help the problem of CCD. I pray so. If we want to eat, and who doesn't, we should participate.

Kristina Dimitrijevic said...

So pretty! I really want a hive of my own, maybe when I move into the farm house of my dreams. I don't think my apartment would like me anymore if I set one up on the balcony.