February 28, 2007

Market=Table: a winter-to-spring menu

Ten a.m. and the Wednesday market in Agen is lively enough with turn of the season produce that begs winter to leave and spring to arrive. Plum trees are wearing new white frocks all across the Garonne River Valley, yet this morning I lit a fire in the cheminée to take the chill off of the old stone bones of Camont. By the time I return from the market, the doors are flung open as two young pups run road races through the open doors.


Vegetables & Fruit
Aillets- young green garlic shoots
Poireaux de vignes- wild leeks with sweet little bulbs
Spring Leeks- as fat a finger

(Hmmm. I sense a theme coming- a spring soup of greens and young shoots)
Barbe de Capucine- pale slender dandelion leaves forced like endive
Panais or parnsips to puree
4 large Golden Delicious apples for a tarte
6 small Conference pears for later

A slice of ventrêche or bacon
2 duck legs, 2 duck hearts & 4 wings (two ducks that can really fly!)

A round of fresh cheese wearing a persillade wrapping
Small tub of crème fraiche
250 gr of unsalted butter


Dandelion salad with bacon & duck hearts
Civet du canard cooked with a Cote de Bruilhois wine
Puree of parsnips, celery root and apple
Sweet apple tart &

petite cafe

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