August 16, 2007

A French Holiday called Vide-Grenier

In France, summer fetes crash to a close with a grand splash around August 15th. This year, the omnipresent vide-grenier or an “empty your attics” flea market took precedence over the traditional bal gratuit, exciting concours de belote or the ever popular “Geante Paella”.

Village friends from Sainte Colombe-en-Bruilhois (my hometown here) decided to make the rounds of the Garonne Valley bastides en fete so we found ourselves in Serignac, Aiguillon and Nerac agreeing that most other people’s junk is often…. just junk. However, the free aperitifs, the French le hotdog (actually a delicious veal sausage on a decent baquette), and the few retro treasures scored for my new galley kitchen made a great day out in Southwest France.

Eh Voila, the remains of this day…

And my new treasures for the French Kitchen...

in box cake mixer

Brand new 70's yogurt maker

more jelly jars

club soda anyone?

and at last, my one cup French press

Total fun factor... a twenty Euro bill. I am a cheap date.


David said...

Love the yogurt-maker!

We did the brocante this week as well, although the pickings near Paris aren't as good, I presume.

I did get a Le Creuset skillet (c'est nickel!) for 50 centimes, some 50's plastic dishes that look like leaves, and 14 tiny café au lait bowls which I don't know what I'm going to do with (but they sure were cute!)

Diva said...

The French flea markets are still the best in town!
We recettly did a long weekend from Italy do hit 5 in Provence!