August 17, 2007

French Kitchen Adventures- back to school schedule

What's in the box, Bacon?

Back to School-

1958- book bags, new ankle socks, the dreaded tartan print school uniform and six new white short sleeved blouses.
2008- a new, bright orange, softly curved, high sheen Italian refrigerator.

Fifty years later, the new September stuff is still exciting. For those interested in what the school year brings this year in the French Kitchen, the cat is out of the bag, the SMEG is out of the box, and the rumors are true*.

The Diva often encourages me to keep learning the new e-curve and reminds me that our Skype chat sessions are ‘like going to school everyday’. So, I now have an I-pod, a smart phone, and can help program my mom’s computer by long distance. Even my BAcon has a WIFI system to keep him on the towpath and off the road.

For those looking ahead a few weeks or a few months and are interested in what the French Kitchen Adventures offer for the 2007-2008 school year, I have added a calendar to keep you up to date. For those interested in a more-to-less formal commitment, I offer you an updated ‘A La Carte’ concept. Decide whether you are interested in 3 days or 3 weeks of cooking in Southwest France. Cooking in the French countryside has never been easier- un, deux, trois!

Here are three new ways to discover The French Kitchen—a la Carte!

1. Classic French Kitchen Arts—the Four Season pleasures of the French Kitchen is a classic 5-day program (Mon-Fri) that features daily cooking classes, market excursions, and lunches as well as visits to artisan producers and a special evening in one of Gascony’s hottest new restaurants. Rates: 2250€-2900€

2. Weekend in the French Country—Retreat from the real world and come to Camont for three perfect days of French food, wine and …well, quiet. Life is sweet in Gascony, where good wine flows like water, the foie gras is legal, and there is time to savor a forgotten France along the canal towpath. Includes welcome dinner Friday evening, Saturday market cooking class and plenty of free time to rest after a rustic Sunday lunch. Rates include accommodation: 400-550€

3. French Roots! One-day Country Market Cooking Classes begin at 10 am at one of Gascony’s spectacular year round farmer’s markets and finish around 4:00 after a full class focusing on seasonal products and a convivial lunch with wine. Rates: 175€; 500€ for groups of 4

Dates: From September 1, 2007 to the end of May 2008, the French Kitchen is receiving guests and visitors for any of the above programs. Custom programs are available for groups of 4-24; ask for more information.

Oh, and the box? Orange love...

And Summer 2008? Just what do you do on your summer vacation, Captain Kate? *Captain Kate goes back to barge school.

Between early June and late August we cruise the Long Village—the fabled canals of France on my magic carpet of a barge, a nautical gypsy wagon, a Huck Finn adventure, and above all a candlelit floating table. Ask for information on this special unstructured and casual canal barge vacation on board the 85 ft Dutch Tjalk the Julia Hoyt with Capt. Kate, and her first mate Bacon, and a convivial crew! Come throw a few ropes, open a few bottles of wine and make the next part of the Long Village yours…

summer evening- Lagruere 10:30 pm


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Gawd that is a beautiful fridge!--Ian

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aaaah,laguere- the memories!