October 13, 2007

Cassoulet- part #3 interruptions

11:55 am

11:57 am

J'ai casse' ma cassole.

(jchay kass-ay maa kass-ole)


I broke my cassoulet pot.

This should be a sad story but my Mother visiting from the states and looking over my shoulder starting laughing. Clearly she doesn't understand the seriousness of all this blogging! But I had to admit a pile of priceless beans, two legs of confit and a good length of sausage spread across the tile floor and sprinkled with terracotta pot shards was a pretty good joke. Worst thing was that it was all my fault. Coudn't blame Bacon, nor my Mom who had willingly shucked the beans for me, or even the stupid silicon hot pad that I didn't really like anyway ( I threw it in the trash bin!). It was my fault because I was in a hurry, to move it from oven to outside while it was still bubbling around the edges and the crusty was smoking. In a hurry to take the pictures and then to put it back in the kitchen to set it on the table. I was hungry. I never do my best work when I am hungry! I grabbed the hot pot with just one hand and headed back to the kitchen. I made it past the sink counter, past the edge of the chopping island and still propelled forward with impending doom, I was coming in for a landing on the hot plate when.......... it just slid out of my hand smashed across the kitchen floor. In slow motion.
We had an omelette for lunch. I'll make another one this week when the photo shoot for Maisons Sud Ouest is finished, the garden is put to bed, Bacon has gone to the dog trainers and I am alone in this floating test kitchen. Thanks Mom and Steph for all your help. I'll save you a bite for the next time you come over.


L Vanel said...

Dear Dear Kate! I am so sorry to hear what happened. Bacon must have had the dinner of his life. Next week your cassoulet will have been well worth the wait.

Loulou said...

All that work...smashed to bits!

Your mom's sense of humor is fabulous! I would have grumbled and griped and found it difficult to find anything funny about the situation.
The cassoulet looked gorgeous and I'm sure the next one will be too.

We ate at a friend's last night who drove to Castelnaudary yesterday to get cassoulet from one of the best butcher/traiteurs. It was delicious and perfect for a chilly evening!
I've never made my own, but am inspired by your cassoulet adventures.

Betty C. said...

Oh, this is sad indeed!

BTW, it's "J'ai cassé ma casserole."

But I'm not really sure it's a casserole. Maybe more of a "plat."

Kate Hill said...

Thanks for the sympathy you early rising French bloggers! (and the grammar lessons Betty C,- however how does one make an accent on blogger?).
And the name for the cassoulet pot is a cassole or alternately a cassoule, thus the name 'cassoulet' for the dish cooked within! Never fear, I will return to the cooking cassoulet post again!

Joanna said...

Doubly sad - both the cassoule and the cassoulet. Looking forward to reading about getting dinner on the table next week ;)


David said...

c'est triste!

winedeb said...

Oh Kate I feel for you! A couple of Thanksgivings ago, the same thing happened to me except with the pumpkin pie. All eyes were on me when I took the pie out of the oven, with everyone oohing and ahhing, waiting for a warm slice of pumpkin pie when I did the same thing. Heading for the hot plate on the counter and the pie decided to head for the hot plate before me. Hot pumpkin pie all over the floor with shreds of glass and pie everywhere. I cried. Not only was the pie ruined, but the plate was my grandmother's, my prize and possession:( So we just opened another bottle of wine and had that for desert, with a few laughs!
Now I am looking forward to your next weeks posts!

Christine said...

I've been having such a wonderful time reading Lucy's cassoulet posts then yours. What a disaster, losing your cassole that way. Plus all the work that went into the cassoulet.
I've read and re-read Ms. Wolfert's book so many times and I was still a chicken about making my own cassoulet (never mind that I live in the states), but now, with your outstanding posts on the subject - to be continued, and Lucy's, I'm going to go for it!
Here is a link for making proper grammatical accents on Blogger.
Modern Language Resource Center

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Oh no! After all that work. I feel for you. If it is any consolation, the cassoulet really looked beautiful. :(

The Passionate Palate said...

Oh, che triste, how sad, heartbreaking...my god, you handled it well!

Ed Bruske said...

I hate those silicon hot pads. You can't get a good grip on anything. You have no sense of what you're trying to get a grip on. They are terrible for removing things from the oven. They should be outlawed.

Kate Hill said...

Thanks for all your cheery words... please see next post for my revenge against those silicon hot pads! I agree Ed, but where can you find a decent hot pad these day? Back to weaving? Anyone int eh neighborhood is welcome to join me for Camp Cassoulet in 2 weeks. It's be worth the train/airplane ticket!