October 19, 2007

Spilled beans... Camp Cassoulet continues

Back to work.
No use crying over spilled beans.
After all the tea and sympathy for the loss of my oldest cassoulet cassole, I am back on the track... with a few diversions along the way.

Camp Cassoulet begins this week with a jaunt to the Not Freres poterie outside of Castelnaudary. With that goal in mind I decided to load up as many pots as my 2CV will carry. After securing enough pots to throw around, I invite any and all readers within cooking distance to join me All Souls/All Saints weekend (Halloween to you North Americans)- Nov 1-4 for a Cassoulet celebration. The beans are on me!

  • Friday night for Soupe de Citrouille with foie gras croutons,
  • Saturday morning Market at Nerac for charcuterie and confit,
  • Cassoulet Class all afternoon,
  • Overnight cookoff in the cheminee,
  • Sunday Lunch of ...Cassoulet and Wine
  • Sunday supper- Tourain d'Ail
  • Monday, sorry back to work.
Cost? The price of admission is your hard labor to help put the potager to bed and willingness to be photographed for a magazine feature. (oh, yeah, a couple bottles of wine to share wouldn't hurt!) Anyone interested in joining me, please email for more details.

And for other tasty hijinks and French Kitchen Adventures, you can now consult the workshop descriptions and calender at www.frenchkitchenadventures.com .


Anonymous said...

Do you really live on the boat? I ask because I told my husband that I'd like to live on a yacht on dry land outside the house! Love your site and am learning a few things from it. Thanks :)

Kate Hill said...

Yes, Maryann's husband, I do live on a boat and have a garden too. Sometimes when I feel 85 feet might be big for a boat but small for a house, so I might as well live in a single-wide. Trailer. Other times, I prefer to think of the Julia Hoyt as an upscale gypsy wagon- without wheels. Tonight as I dropped my guests at the front door of the Relais and walked down the garden path to the barge... I just smiled. It's nice having the best of both worlds. Thanks for visiting!

L Vanel said...

Breaking out my calendar...

This sounds like a deal too good to pass up!

The Passionate Palate said...

Oh, I wish I could be there. I'll keep this in mind for next year!
Good luck and great photos.

Chez Denise et Laudalino said...

Oh, how I wish I was in France this fall - we spent 3 wonderful weeks last fall - I would had loved to partake in this very fun time! As well, I would love to receive more information about your cooking classes as we try to get over that way at least once a year if not twice!