December 02, 2007

2CV Dreams...

This morning two pompiers (firemen) knocked on the door selling the annual Fireman's Calender asking money for ...widows and children? a new firetruck?
I didn't ask. I like that they call on me on the barge and know just where they would have to drive to in case of an emergency. I never use the calenders, but I buy one for the Relais.

If I'm lucky the village school will have their calender ready when I go to the Marie to ask about the status of my neighbor's environmental disaster of a gravel pit. I'll contribute to the school fund and have a second calender to add to the collection.

Next le facture or postman will pull up in the little yellow La Poste van with his calenders and today's mail. A postcard from a friend, a couple birthday cards, an internet wireless bill to keep me plugged in and in tune with the outside world. I am grateful for all the comings and goings of my 'Village People'.

Sometimes here, in the too quiet countryside around the hamlet of Camont in the Goulard village of our commune of Ste.Colombe-en-Bruilhois in the Canton of Laplume in the Agenais of the Lot-et-Garonne department of the Aquitaine region that I call Northern Gascony it feels a little like living in a postage stamp of small country scenes from 50 years ago.


Maryann said...

A very Happy belated birthday to you :)

katiez said...

Thanks for the reminder! Time to get my euroes collected and near the door. The first year I thought it was a gift...thank the gods we didn't have a fire!
Now I know better.
We live in a tiny hamlet, also, must remember to be 'propre'!

Loulou said...

Happy belated, super, fantastic birthday! I have a dim memory of you telling me when your birthday was, but since I didn't write it down, it was lost in the whirlpool of my brain.
I hope you had a wonderful day!

We've had the Pompiers by with their calendars, but so far no la Poste or Gendarmes. I've got small bills sitting around in anticipation!

francesca said...


Happy belated Birthday to you !!!!

We are enjoying your site especially after our visit in late September, early October.

Thank you so much for hosting our visit. We have many good memories of the markets, cooking and relaxing at Camont.

We have put your site on our XMAS letter to our friends and family. So you may get some business in the future.

Our best wishes to you for a Merry XMAS and Happy New Year.

take care,

Rhoda and Bob Keller