December 09, 2007

Green Purple glowing Orange- The Captain is Happy!

Success.... and if this isn't a sight to warm your heart. Darth doesn't have cooking capability due to her highly Deco design- (btw, this Darth is a she!); However she more than makes up for it by her willing adaptablity to use those darling little wood pellets. Wow! So easy and way cleaner than dragging bark and sawdust into the salon. Now, to put all the pieces back together: couch, desk, baskets and baskets of magazines and art projects.

Oh, and I did I tell you that the cost of the pellets are just 1/8th the price of the heating fuel? Add to the mix that I recycled something I already had (minus carbon impact I think) and I learned that bedspread trick and I feel pretty damn smug just now as I sit in a blustery Atlantic squall storm banging the barge into the banks with the irregular thump of 8 inch waves on the canal. First storm of the season- this calls for popcorn and a movie.


Joanna said...

FABuLOUS ... enjoy the film, enjoy the popcorn - enjoy the warmth


Mirabelle said...

Very nice. We are recovering from a two-punch December storm off the Oregon Coast. Our gas stove kept us warm as we played dominoes by lantern light.

Loulou said...

Sounds like the boat is nice and cozy. Hope that storm ends soon. What movie are you watching? We need to do a DVD exchange!