September 25, 2007

Barbeque French Style- pork ribs & roast with fig sauce

When house guests arrive at the 'Relais de Camont', this cook takes a break!

Rhoda, Caroline, Julie, Jim and the two Bob's arrived for a two week holiday in Southwest France and being the smart cookie that I am, I let them do the cooking!

However, not being a gambler at heart, I left a few hints around my French Kitchen:

  1. a map to the giant Sunday farmer's market at Agen and

  2. a big jar of my special figgy bbq sauce.

Remember that Big Fig tree? well this post is for Joanna who has got me curious about how to grow a thousand-year-old hedge... and for Ivonne hosting SHF #35 at

Figgy French BBQ Sauce served over pork ribs and pork roast

  • 2 lbs/1 kilo of fresh figs cut in pieces

  • 1 cup strong vinegar (I use my homemade red wine vinegar)

  • 2 cups sugar (white, brown, raw...)

  • 1 large onion, peeled and chopped

  • 2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and mashed

  • 2 whole piment d'espelette or other chili peppers (depending on your fire power)

  • 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper

  • salt to taste

Cook over a low heat, nice and slow until it starts to melt and burble. Cook as long as you can stand it- 1, 2, 3 hours adding more liquid as necessary to keep a thin paste/thick sauce consistancy. I actually am cooking a batch for the third day in a row... just to see how caramelized I can get the figs without burning them! I keep adding more vinegar and wine- why not?

Ok, that's the you can add herbs, spices, condiments and other vegetables (tomatoes are a natural) as you like your bbq sauce-- hot, sweet, spicy, mild, thick or thin. Each batch I make is different. That southern girl cooking in Paris, Meredith Breen, started this recipe a couple summers ago and it has become a French Kitchen speciality. Thanks MB!


Joanna said...

Fabulous sauce - now we'll have to have another go at planting a fig tree, although we've had at least two failures here in recent years

Thanks for the post, and the link!

Joanna x

Signe said...

Your link for creampuffsinveniceca has an extra "s" after cream so it doesn't work (FYI)

I love what you do and hope someday to visit your lovely place.


Kate Hill said...

Joanna, you'll just have to come over and pick figs here yourself! and thanks Signe for keeping an eye on my links. Sometime these fingers fly too fast!

Ivonne said...

A post about figs for me?! I'm honoured beyond belief. That sauce sounds incredible. If I come over and pick Joanna's share of figs can I keep them???


joanne said...

Hello Kate,
(from another Joanne) Thank you for the 'fig sauce'.
The fig tree outside my kitchen door is laden with ripening figs...and one can only eat so many. Each year it seems a tree has a banner year. Last year it was apples, this year, it's FIGS, and more FIGS!

great to be reading YOU again.