September 22, 2007

A very happy Kris Moore acting as the kitchen bride...
This is a portrait of the most tender head of organic lettuce I ever met!

This green bridal bouquet is from Francoise at the Lavardac market, just harvested that morning and so fragile we carried it like a posy of exquisite flowers until we got back home.

Barely washed and I gently cut the core into 4,
then draped the tender greens on a bowl, drizzled a tablespoon of oil,
a sprinkle of salt and just a mist of vinaigre de Banyuls for a finish.

Oh, yeah. Add that little perfect stuffed tomato to make a september lunch starter.

Lunch at the French Kitchen at Camont

Photos by Wil Edwards...that 'cheese guy' at

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Joanna said...

Perfect .. what did you put in the tomato stuffing?