July 21, 2009

it's a long process. one step at a time.
shelling peas.
planting beans.
harvesting ideas.
making changes.

day to day life in the Kitchen at Camont is like shelling those French peas.
one day at a time.
one thought.
one action.

This day, this very hot windy summer day in Gascony, we are planting a new garden of ideas for you. Here at the French Kitchen, the Kitchen at Camont, we are drinking iced l'O Rosey- rose syrup over crushed ice while

writing new programs for fall, and celebrating those long days when the tomatoes ripen redder, the peppers get hotter and the ideas flow faster.

Coming soon. The Kitchen at Camont- a center for creative culinary learning.
In France, of course.

Detroit Rose

A large bunch of fresh deep red rose petals (organically grown, of course)
500 grams of sugar
1 liter of water
1 large lemon- squeezed
a generous shot of eau de vie de armagnac

Heat the rose petals, sugar and water in a pan until just simmering and the sugar melts into a light syrup. Let sit while you read a book. (The Poisonwood Bible be Barbara Kingsolver is on the bed where I nap.)
Strain the petals from the liquid, add the lemon juice and eau-de-vie.
Pour into a carafe and store in the refrigerator until needed on a very sultry French day.
Pour over crushed ice, add a shot of water.
Drink and be grateful you planted those roses 4 years ago... and remembered to water them.


Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Oh, this looks delightful! I'm hoping the second flush of blooms this summer will produce enough to try this.

Thank you for sharing! :)

Talley & Louis said...

Did you use the same roses that we used to make that delicious rose petal jam? In my mind I called them Cadillac roses, that may or may not be their actual name. I remeber our 'cold food' summer parties very fondly. Stay cool love.

Kate Hill said...

"Chrysler Imperial" is the name, just one car model off! Yes, these velour-petaled, deeply perfumed red roses continue to be a spring and mid-summer inspiration. I have now planted a row of them in the "T" Jardin. wish you were here!