February 07, 2008

New Orleans love letters...

PJ & KH 'n NYC

You're going to be hearing a lot about Nouvelle Orleans from old France for the next couple of months as we get our lil' ole traveling shoes on (size 12 thankyouverymuch!) and head to La Louisiane in April for the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference-see banner above! (Ok, it's a great excuse for a food-long week of gabbing and grabbing goodies as well as some serious networking, pitching, teaching and sharing going on.)

The gossip is that The Pimster has just posted a love letter to Tony Bourdain-- in public no less! But I hear the love for NOLA behind it all. My own Love Affair began when a friend of a friend arrived to write a newspaper story about me and the French Kitchen. Ever after called Capt' by one Pableaux Johnson (see above and newly at the Louisville Courier-Journal and writing about it all here) , my courtship with NOLA began.

Since then, it's been a friend of a friend of a friend sort of world... Pableaux beget Sue, Sue beget Mario, and so on. Eventually a few other NOLA Natives arrived on their own to taste la Gascogne and voila! Camont and New Orleans are now twinned forever. At least in my heart!

This summer David Aman "showed up". David is the eye behind the camera of DOCNO and one very nice guy. You can find what he shot this summer with me playing in my tic-tac-toe potager here or just waltzing around 'the Gascon Ranch' here.

All in all, its a great time to be thinking of going to New Orleans and 'giving back' for all the great friends it has set me here!


New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey Y'all! Look forward to having you in town. I placed you onto today's New Orleans News Ladder.

This is shaping up to be a wonderful spring in New Orleans. If you get here a week earlier, check this out:

Wonderful blog.
editor~NO News Ladder

Anonymous said...

That's a nice video of you in your garden :)

Loulou said...

I just left New Orleans for California. Talk about culture shock! :)

I wish I could join you all in April.

I have a couple of leads for your Camp Cassoulet in NOLA if you're still planning it.

Betty C. said...

How fun! I was just going to mention how Loulou was in New Orleans, but she beat me to it.

I'm still planning on calling you tomorrow - -haven't set up Skype, though.