February 17, 2008

Spanish Hooky- a coffee in the port

Its in my nature.
Part gypsy, part hobo, part 19th-c traveler.
I live on a boat.
I travel for a living.
I dream in technicolor and surround-a-sound.
I have one foot planted on water, the other in the garden.
Sometimes I channel Mark Twain, wearing an apron.
I am at ease in this world.

Ok, so enough with the lifestyle haiku. This is my way of introducing a new feature here at French Kitchen Adventures. I call it Spanish Hooky.

The best part living in Europe is that in the time it takes to drive from Seattle to Portland, I drive from France to Spain. That means Goodbye baquettes et cafe au lait, Hola cerveza y pintxos! Today I drive off to Northern Spain- west coast-- the Pais Vasco (Basque Countries to you!) and la Rioja for a week of exploring the insides of some of the most interesting and beautiful houses, hotels and... restaurants in all of Spain. Like this- the new City of Wine building by Frank O Gehry for La Marques de Riscal in La Rioja.

So when you see Spanish Hooky think: calamar, bacalao, jamon, antxoa, aceites... I'll meet you in the bar on the sea for a cortado...

a great way to start the day.


Betty C. said...

That second photo is fantastic -- I love the way it moves from the close-up of the coffee to the buildings in the distance. Have a great trip!

campo di fragole said...

Behind the coffe I can recognise the village of Cadaques... Am I wrong? I live in north of Spain..if you fancy next time you will pass by we could have a cortado together! Besos, daniela

Divina said...

can't wait for spanish recipes from our Capt Kate!

Kate Hill said...

Cadaques it is! And I look forward to meeting you, Daniela. Betty and I were talking about a May food bloggers gathering here in SW france...maybe you can come up to visit then?

campo di fragole said...

Oh Kate it would be great! Thanks for inviting me! Besos