February 22, 2008

Spanish Hooky*- rooms with a view

I love hotels.
The bed is always Maid.
The bath has too many towels.
A genius put a Toblerone in the petit frigo for my midnight craving.
But best of all, I love the view...

from here,

and here,

and here.

Pais Vasco is more than gastronomy children, but if you are going to pilgrimage to San Sebastian for Arzak & Pintxos, then think of all the great places you can stay-all these 'rooms with a view.'

*Playing Spanish Hooky at the Hotel Londres, Iturregi- a Basque paradise, and the Sheraton Bilbao.


Betty C. said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! I love hotels too. This summer we missed our connection in Frankfurt and ended up "forced" to spend the night in the Boston Airport Hilton before leaving for Seattle the next morning! Did those great beds every feel good!

campo di fragole said...

I have been to San Sebastian long time ago and still remember all the delicious pintxos I had specially those with "bonito". The hotel looks just perfect! Besos

Riana Lagarde said...

Looks fabulous!! DH and I went there for a quicky honeymoon four years ago, oh the memories, sunsets, food and a parking ticket that we tossed in the trash.