February 03, 2008

Spanish Lemon Marmalade- the recipe

It didn't take long to cut, juice and slice the dozen souvenir lemons I brought back from Spanish Hooky jaunt #1- Catalunya. I didn't want to do anything fancy, just save the juice for a sweet/tart curd and preserve the untreated, natural rinds.

The French Kitchen recipe:
  • 12 organic lemons
  • cut in half and juice (reserving juice for lemon curd)
  • weigh and slice the rinds in thin strips
  • measure an equal weight of sugar (e.g.- 500 grams sugar to 500 grams lemon rind)
  • toss in a stainless steel pot, dump the sugar over them, let them sit together all night
  • next morning, cooked the rinds in their syrup-- very slowly, all morning until the syrup was thick and the rinds are still a little chewy.
  • pour into 3 jars; give one to a friend, put one in the cupboard, then make toast.

This Sunday morning breakfast- a still hot baguette from the boulanger at Brax, salted butter and lemon marmalade with a steaming cup of café-au-lait.
Wish you were here...


Travelberg said...

"Equal weight of sugar"...? equal to the weight of the WHOLE lemons, or weight of lemons AFTER juicing?

Sounds yummy!

Joanna said...

Mmm, sounds good to me, it will make a change from Seville orange marmalade ...

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I really do have to make some jam. Thanks for reminding me :)

Kate Hill said...

Actually, I just used up the rest of the bag of sugar I had in my pantry! But a correct, precise account of jam-making would have you weigh the fruit used and then use that same amount of sugar. However, in my French Kitchen, there is always room for a little leeway...and the results were delicious. It's about learning to trust your instincts and tastes. A bonus of this small batch cooking is the smaller margin of error!